Marko Posavec Photography

Thunderstorm with a Shelf Cloud

As ominous as it looked, the storm in question did not hit Koprivnica directly. It approached from the southwest and passed along the ridge of Bilogora. Considering its strength, it caused relatively little damage – some downed trees, flooded streets, torn roofs and a house fire sparked by lightning in nearby Đurđevac.

The storms formed along the cold front of an approaching low pressure system, dubbed Melisa by Crometeo team. The first storm, the one that missed, was the most powerful. Another one came from the south immediately afterwards and brought a constant rumbling of thunder for more than an hour.

These events caught me at home and there was no time to head to a better location before the rain started. All I have are these photos of a shelf cloud on the edge of the storm. Enjoy.