Marko Posavec Photography

The Moon Sets and the Stars Rise

The summer of 2014 will be remembered as wet, cloudy and not really hot. The last few days of August have been quite lovely, though. Here are a few photos I took after sunset on August 28th, specifically with moonset in mind.

As I arrived on location, sunset was already through, but colorful patches of it were still lingering low in the western sky.



Thin lunar crescent setting, a sequence of 8 photos taken about 2 minutes apart. Note the excellent visibility, the Moon experienced only a slight mirage and reddening as it sank beneath the horizon.


You know that autumn is coming when you see Pegasus rising in the east after sunset.


Last traces of sunset with Arcturus and Ursa major high in the sky.


Scorpius in the center, Mars and Saturn with Spica to the left.


Sagittarius and faint Milky Way in twilight.