Marko Posavec Photography

Sunset with Rain Curtains and Some Lightning

By now you’ve probably figured out that I love sunsets. Well, I particularly love sunsets with thunder clouds nearby! Such was the case on July 16th. A small storm cell formed about 15 kilometers from Koprivnica just as the Sun approached the horizon and rain curtains, though not impressively strong, looked gorgeous in the backlight.


This is the full view of the cumulonimbus cloud that directed the show. Note the mammatus formations in the upper right.


As the Sun was slowly going down, the rain curtains drew closer…


… and eventually obscured it.


Sunset came early because of the rain.


When the sky darkened, it was time to go after the lightning bolts.


And here they are. There are four cloud-to-ground strikes in this image.


Intracloud and anvil crawler lightning.


It wasn’t much, but it will have to do. The wait for the next storm begins!