Marko Posavec Photography

Stars and Planets in the Moonlight

I’ve been eager to try the new Sky-Watcher AllView mount for some time. N., D. and I set out to Lake Ĺ oderica even though the Moon was almost full — I wasn’t expecting to do some serious photography anyway, I just wanted to set up the mount and get to know how it works.

First came the sunset with several sunspot groups and an airplane contrail.


Then the Moon. I borrowed N.’s 2.0 teleconverter for this shot; paired with Bigma, it gave me 1000 mm focal length (2000 in 35mm equivalent). Magnification is incredible, but overall it isn’t much better than Bigma’s cropped image at 500 mm. Every single movement of the air is enhanced, degrading image quality. Not very useful for serious photography, except probably under very clear and calm conditions.


The same image as above, with crop.


The Moon and Saturn were in a close conjunction that evening, so while fighting off hordes of mosquitoes, I thought — why not? And what do you know, there it was.


And one more, taken from Koprivnica. Bright moonlight and thin cirrus layers washed out most of the stars.