Marko Posavec Photography

Shadow of the Moon

Along with nearly all Europeans with clear skies, I have had the pleasure of seeing the solar eclipse of March 20. From here it was only partial, only the far north of the continent enjoyed the totality. Still, a 58% obscured Sun was an interesting scene for everyone involved – the Astronomical Society of Koprivnica, which I’m currently the head of, organized a public eclipse observing event in Koprivnica.

Photos were taken through my faithful Sigma 50-500 lens, protected by Baader AstroSolar filter film stretched over the aperture.





The maximum phase of the eclipse.





As it was only a partial eclipse, we didn’t expect to notice any changes in the environment. We were surprised, then, as the sunlight visibly dimmed during peak eclipse. Our automated weather station recorded a temporary stall in temperature curve as well.

Koprivnica, Ivanščak @

Perhaps the most stunning part of the whole show was the perfect weather. Incidentally, it was the persistent clouds that prevented us from seeing a greater eclipse back in 2011. Next up, 2026 or something.