Marko Posavec Photography

Out in the Fields

I was cycling along the Koprivnica Creek when I saw a herd of roe deer far out in the field. Switching into commando mode (lying down with telephoto lens peeking through the grass) I crawled as close to them as possible – but that wasn’t very close because there was open field where they’d easily have spotted me.

Here they are, at 500mm focal length.


This pose makes it look like a kangaroo.


On their way.


It’s not unusual for them to come this close to houses or even on the streets.


I had a funny moment here. A woman came up from behind, walking her dog, and was somewhat dumbfounded as to why the hell am I lying there in the grass with this huge lens. I told her about the deer, but it took her some time to spot them.


A fire in the field. Note the air distortion.


Here’s a shadow selfie, for the sake of it.