Marko Posavec Photography

On the Gloomy Shore

It was a cloudy afternoon with some light drizzle of rain. N., D. and I thought, what the hell, photos don’t always need to be all vivid and sunny, so we set out. We went to the lake called Gabajeva Greda near Hlebine, formed by gravel extraction like many other lakes (or pits) around here, and also quite deep.

I played around with wide-angle lens, CPL and an ND filter, which provided me with exposure times up to six seconds. First there was this piece of driftwood stuck on the shore.


Gloomy scenes on the water’s edge. I set up my tripod head in an inverted position, so the camera was hanging upside down in order to get it closer to the ground and make better use of the 2.8 aperture.



Yellow Water-lilies (also known as Brandy Bottles, it seems).


The lake slopes rather steeply into the depths.


Then I took my Olympus TG-310 and submerged it. It doesn’t work well in low light, and it was a cloudy day, so the following photos are of poor quality. But here they are anyway.


Water-lily stems from under the water.




And even though this photo is of the lowest quality of them all, there are two fish right in the center.