Marko Posavec Photography

The Night Sky over Lake Dubrava

Lake Dubrava is a reservoir that serves the Dubrava Hydroelectric Power Plant. It stretches from the village of Sveta Marija to the town of Prelog in northern Croatia, covering about 17 square kilometers. That makes it the largest artificial lake in Croatia and the second largest overall.

Sky conditions were far from excellent, but me and three other folks from the Astronomical Society of Koprivnica took a shot and drove there in the evening to see what we could get. We were too close to the lights of the power plant, but thin, high altitude clouds were a bigger problem.

Of course, these clouds obscured the bright central portion of the Milky Way:


Neptune is somewhere in the upper left of this photo. Note how the stars near the edges leave trails, but those in the center don’t; I took these shots with Sky-Watcher AllView mount. It’s an alt-az mount, obviously. That’s also why the ground is blurred.


Fomalhaut, the Autumn star, with its reflection in the lake.


Northeast: Capella, Perseus and the Pleiades rising.