Marko Posavec Photography

How ‘Super’ is the ‘Supermoon’

Once again, the media were abuzz with the Supermoon craze; this year in particular as there are three of them in a row. We had the opposite phenomenon – the minimoon, full apogee Moon – back in January, so I took a photo of this supermoon with exact same settings to show the real difference between the two. Now, 50.000 kilometers may sound like a lot, but in reality it’s like this:


It turns out that this July’s supermoon was about 12% bigger than January’s minimoon. Experienced moon-watchers may be able to tell the difference visually, most casual observers certainly can’t. As for its effect on Earth, there are two: 1) It may raise the already increased spring tides, for about a couple of centimeters, and 2) It is aesthetically pleasing, shining brightly throughout the summer night, touching the hearts of poets and romantics.

So there you have it. That’s about all there is about the infamous supermoon. It doesn’t make it any less beautiful, though.

You may also notice that the Moon doesn’t look exactly the same in the two photos. This is due to libration.

Here’s another shot taken the same evening: low hills of Bilogora under moonlit skies.


And a portrait of the Moon used for the comparison image.