Marko Posavec Photography

House on Fire After a Lightning Strike

This is more of a news report. Earlier today, a cold front associated with a low pressure system dubbed Nestor by Crometeo team passed over northern Croatia. Numerous storm cells were embedded in the front line and some of them were highly prone to lightning. Around noon, one of the lightning bolts struck a house in my neighbourhood, only 80 meters from my home. It sparked a devastating house fire and knocked out electrical equipment in the surrounding houses (my stuff was OK). The fire burned right through the roof, even though it was raining heavily. Here’s a brief view from my window, I had to return to work and couldn’t stay long.




The most terrifying thing about the fire was its sound; like a freight train or slow, neverending thunder.



Here’s a video.

Fortunately, the owners were away and nobody was hurt. Quick response by our Fire Department contained the fire and prevented further damage. There is little we can do about these things. Nature is magnificent and dangerous, and we can only admire it.

Glas Podravine has more photos from the scene.