Marko Posavec Photography

Evening View of a Thunderstorm

After a nice sunset the day before, I went to the same place with D. and N. to get some more shots. It was immediately obvious that high altitude clouds will hide our star dipping below horizon, but the atmosphere was very unstable and a powerful thunderstorm erupted over Velika Gorica near Zagreb, 65 kilometers away.

First things first, here’s an earlier cumulonimbus, SW of Sisak, about 100 kilometers away. That one dissipated before the next one started to develop.


Anticrepuscular rays, much more prominent than yesterday.


The storm cell erupting near Velika Gorica, when it started to grow an anvil.


And a beautiful evening view of it. Lightning flashes were frequent and it did quite some damage in the city of Velika Gorica. It also damaged an airplane on Zagreb Airport.


Here’s a video recording of the distant storm. Total recording length of all three clips is about 22 minutes, sped up 8x. Nice lightning bolts at 0:25 and 1:00.

Two lightning bolts extracted from video frames.



And a GIF animation of a lightning flash at 1:00 in the video.