Marko Posavec Photography

Cycling to Rasinja

It was a fair weather Thursday and also a public holiday in Croatia (Corpus Christi). A few friends and I decided to hop on our bikes and ride over Bilogora to the village of Rasinja, 10 kilometers away – not far, but it’s a nice route and a part of it has a great view, as you can see in the image below taken from the Soviljnjak vineyards. The mountain on the left is Kalnik, about 22 km away. More distant Ivanščica near Varaždin and Medvednica near Zagreb were also visible.


Descent from Bilogora to Rasinja is a steep one, here’s where it ends.


Fields are full of wheat at this time of the year.


Lake Rasinja in Gliboki stream valley, a popular fishing spot. In fact, it was created for fishing purposes by blocking the stream in 1984.


Birds on a wire.


And a stork with its young, also a common sight at this time of year.