Marko Posavec Photography

About the Author

Note: Information on this page is severely outdated.


I’m an amateur photographer from Koprivnica, Croatia. My favorite subjects are all things atmosphere – space – nature related.

I took up photography in summer of 2008 — that’s when I got my first DSLR camera, an Olympus E-510. Before that I experimented with various analog and digital compacts, but the DSLR gear finally got me where I wanted to be. Nature and sky were, and still are, the things I love to point my lens at the most. I don’t like overprocessing, especially unnatural overprocessing — if a photo looks impossible, it doesn’t float my boat. I also try to tell a story along with the shutter clicks, to show you how beautiful our world is and explain some strange and fascinating natural phenomena.

Nowadays I’m wandering meadows, fields, river banks, forests, rocks and mountains with Olympus E-5 and a family of four lenses. Feel free to click through the photos, see if there’s something you might like.